F.E.A.R and F.A.I.T.H

THE TWO F’s (F.E.A.R—Forgetting Everything Already Revealed. F.A.I.T.H—Favor Acknowledged In The Heart.)

Most of us are guided by one or both of the two F’s in life: Faith and Fear. Often times we think we’re guided by one, but we allow the other to lead. I’ll give you an example:

Throughout years of life Joy came across great people in her life who inspired her. She went to college in the middle of a major metropolitan city exposing her to culture, art, and history. She also worked full-time while she attended school further exposing her to the real world of business, and finance all the while offering her an excellent opportunity to make valuable business contacts. In her Senior year in college, she started her own small business—which she provided focus groups, mystery shopping services, and more. After doing diligent research, she found that at the time there were no businesses even remotely similar to hers in the area that she lived in that offered what she was offering. The businesses in her area that did offer similar services, focused on marketing and charged significantly more than what she was charging as a new business owner.

Joy obtained her appropriate licenses, financing, business phone number, website, email and even used her education to create an effective marketing strategy for her business. She was excited about her business venture! This was a dream come true for her. Daily, she checked her emails and voicemail messages hoping someone would contact her for her services. One day, she received a phone call from a city agency wanting to contract her for her services! This was a package that she was offering which would have made her a very generous profit. This was going to he her very first potential client! She answered all the client’s answers, seemingly to their satisfaction, and when they inquired about setting up a time to meet with her; she panicked, and told them she was already booked and unavailable to meet with them. Disappointed, the potential clients left their contact information with Joy in hopes that she would contact them for a focus group should an opening become available.

Soon after, Joy decided to cut her potential losses and close her business. But why?

Joy was afraid. In that split second, she began to doubt herself, her education, her passion for her business, her desire to be financially independent, and let fear direct her actions. Instead of imagining the possibilities of success, she (in that split second) imagined failing, imagined her name and her reputation being not good enough or not credible enough to service this city agency or their needs. The faith that she had in her dreams, lost to the fear she allowed in her reality. Her faith would have provided for her, but instead her fear took away from her.

God is faith. God gave Joy her vision to do great things, to picture and plan for prosperity. God is the one who allowed her the means and opportunity to do all that she could do. God had equipped her with all that she needed. Joy was manipulated by the enemy. She was manipulated by fear of her own insecurities about herself. God said she was enough.

Our minds are hardwired to believe that we can dream, but they aren’t always equally as wired to believe that we can achieve success. Joy lacked the esteem in herself to believe that she was worthy of favor. She didn’t know what made her special to God. She dismissed her dreams as fantasies instead of regarding them as revelations. What would have happened if she wouldn’t have? How could she have impacted her own life?  How could she have impacted others?

Hold on to your faith.

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