Using G.P.S for your life

UUp until I researched it, I had no idea that the letters G.P.S stood for Global Positioning System.  I just knew that I’d spent a small fortune buying one before cell phones had an app for everything.  I bought it to use to get to the National Zoo in Washington D.C.

Initially, it took me in the right general direction, but by the time I came closer to D.C., it failed to get me to my destination.   After several inconvenient re-routes it literally had me going around in circles.  By the third time it led me to the same (wrong) spot, I put it away and decided I was better off without it.

For whatever reason, that GPS system just couldn’t guide me to the place that I needed to be.  That was the last time I used that thing because, I couldn’t depend on it.  If it couldn’t point me in the right direction, it was useless to me.

That GPS was imperfect.  It relied on satellites, and humans updating information into a database in order to get me to my destination.  To be fair though, it came with a warning before it allowed me to use it saying that some of the routes may not be the most accurate and that I’d have to pay a surcharge to upgrade to a monthly service where I would be guaranteed the most accurate information.

In addition to having to pay for the tool to give me guidance, I now had to pay to make sure the tool gave me the most accurate basic information just to get me to my destination.  In other words, without doing more, I had no guarantee that I wouldn’t be going in circles or get to where I need to be.    

It reminded me of seeking advice and wisdom from the world as it is right now.  We can get general advice and be okay until we need specifics to fulfill our purpose in life.  I like God’s positioning system better.

GPS-God’s positioning system.  He works differently from the Global positioning system. The Global positioning system will point everyone in the same direction, regardless of where we want to go, even if we’re not supposed to.

God’s positioning system points each one of us individuals in the direction He wants us to go in. It may not be the fastest. It may even be the route with a lot of hills, twists, turns and construction work. This is all done on purpose for our benefit, not our detriment. 

Our sense of direction is inferior to God’s. We do not have the whole picture like He does. We don’t have the foresight to see how going against his word, or his ideals now will hurt us later. We can’t see how we maybe an important part of the puzzle of life or how we fit in, but we do. From those whom we may perceive as the least influential to those whom we’ve deemed as the most important-we all have a purpose that no regular GPS could guide us to. Only God can-if we let him.
If you are stuck at an impasse in life,or wandering aimlessly after life experiences that you can’t make sense of,maybe it’s time for you to make the switch from following an imperfect global sense of direction for the world, and start following God’s specific directions for you.

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